Our Home Building Process


The process of building a custom home is complex in all its details but straightforward at the top level. We start by choosing where the home will be built, create a home design to fit the site, choose the fixtures and finishes to complete your vision, build the home, inspect and certify the finished home, and warranty our work. The way Blake Building accomplishes the details in those simple steps creates the uniquely satisfying Blake Building Customer Experience we take pride in.

Site Analysis

Whether you are looking to build in the heart of South Tampa or are planning a waterfront custom home, we carefully examine your perfect site to determine its possibilities. Our analysis will thoroughly review your property to ensure that your home adheres to any setback or site restrictions, while also taking neighbourhood traffic patterns into consideration. Additionally, the design of your house will account for the placement of existing trees, prevailing breezes and sun patterns to ensure the precise placement of windows and optimal sight lines. With this detailed early analysis, we help ensure a custom home built to your precise specifications.

Architectural Planning

At Blake Building, we believe that the home of your dreams is within reach. We partner directly with leading architectural firms, such as Gritton & Associates Architects and McKay Design Studio, to help plan every detail, creating a blueprint that stems directly from your tastes, style and inspiration.

Design Services

With a detailed blueprint in hand we can turn our attention to the interior of your dream home. Working with Blake Building's designers, our customers can see, touch, and understand the fixtures, finishes, windows, lighting, and flooring choices for their home at our design studio rather than under the harsh lighting of a big box store. Because of the strength of its influence, we focus extra attention on perfecting the part of your dream home you see and interact with most.

Budget & Financing

With over 20 years building in the Tampa Bay area, you can rest assured that we’ve developed quality relationships with both suppliers and vendors that allow us to secure the best pricing, as well as provide the highest quality workmanship for your home. We develop a detailed budget to help guide the construction process so that from the outset, you can feel comfortable with your investment.


With detailed plans, budget and financing in place, we are ready to begin the construction phase of  your home. Your assigned project manager will personally oversee your build from start to finish, answering questions and concerns along the way.  In addition, you will be able to monitor your progress through an online dashboard that will give you access to your construction schedule, site photos, documents and more.

Walk-Through and Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to closing on your new home, you will complete a thorough walk-through of your home with the Blake Building team. This will be an opportunity to help assure that every last detail meets your expectations.

One-Year Warranty

Blake Building always delivers the highest quality craftsmanship and materials that ensure you can enjoy your new custom home. After construction is complete, Blake Building provides a one-year home warranty. In the rare case that you need to submit a warranty request, we help  ensure that the process is both easy and streamlined. Simply visit the BuilderTREND dashboard to complete your request.

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